On A New Path

This is my first personal blog post in over a year. As a woman who always has something to say, not be able to blog felt really out of character for me (especially because I blog for dozens of clients daily!). As I move into my 38th year of life and reflect on the past year, the reason I wasn’t a…

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Simple Summer Arugula Salad

Summer Arugula Salad

I made this simple arugula salad yesterday and shocked my husband with my domestic-goddness-ness.  Had to share! Simple Summer Arugula Salad Dressing: Olive oil Balsamic vinegar Orange juice (just a splash will do) Crushed black pepper Salad: Arugula Red pepper, chopped Mango, chopped Peas, frozen and thawed with cold water Cucumber, chopped Black beans (optional)…

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Wild Web Woman Style

I always say that “life as a wild web woman isn’t always pretty, but it’s always pretty wonderful” and today’s not-so-pretty “bedroom to office” look is pretty hysterical.  I had to share.  I really need to change to dress like I mean business.  Even if nobody sees me, I need to kick this sloppy style…

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I’m getting a hard-off

Being a business owner, mom and wife is not always easy. Running my company basically requires that I have functional ADHD to juggle administrative, operations and sales/marketing responsibilities to keep my company’s ship afloat. My husband travels 4-5 days a week for his job, so making sure my little pumpkin is healthy, fed, cleaned, clothed,…

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Get Your Life On a Positive Roll

leaving toilet paper roll

This is a real photo from the guest bathroom of my house.  Not only has the toilet paper roll gone un-replaced, but the roll on the toilet bowl is almost empty.  SERIOUSLY??!!! Leaving an empty toilet paper roll says one or more of these things: I don’t give a shit I’m too lazy to care…

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Sick… to Successful

I manage other people’s blogs for a living, yet when it came to sitting my wild web woman butt down to write the first post of my new personal blog, I came up with every excuse in the book not to.  My favorite procrastination excuse was it was probably not a good omen to write my…

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