Remember What You Deserve

“Sometimes you have to forget what you feel and remember what you deserve.” -Unknown (click to tweet this) I am all about expressing gratitude and feeling thankful for what I have. I do it every day. It is absolutely important to be grateful and feel abundance, but I want to be crystal fucking clear about…

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Shout Out to the Reliables

Last week, my plate felt full to the point of spilling over. Without going into details, I felt like I was drowning in work, family, parenting, volunteer work and more. I dealt by having a lovely mini meltdown – after a day of service to my clients, daughter, friends and community, I had a few…

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Voicing My Values

I treated my daughter to some fabulous shades (it was #NationalSunglassesDay after all!) on a recent shopping trip. After the splurge, we held hands, walked around the shopping area and I talked to her about some of my personal values (areas in parentheses were not verbalized to her). I said matter-of-factly: I value the truth…

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Why I Love My Work-From-Home Job

I love indulging in weekly Wednesday morning coffee gatherings with my fabulous mom friends. Today I arrived unshowered, no makeup, trading typical “hellos” for a more grandiose greeting -pulling off my ski cap to showcase my unruly, sticky-outy hair. I felt a badge of working mom honor hearing their oohs and ahhs as they admired my mismanaged appearance. After catching…

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The Power of Service

I earned a spot working one of the most coveted parent volunteer roles at my daughter’s school – serving at the Valentine’s tea. The little boys look so dapper in their ties and coats and the girls take on a new air in their dress clothes. The teacher brings in lace linens and her grandmother’s china, a…

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A Little Piece of My Heart

Five out of seven mornings a week, I experience a dull pain in my chest. I’m ok while getting dressed, putting on a little makeup and combing my hair (or hiding it under a hat). Still no pain during the time I wake my daughter up, or while helping her get dressed and guiding her…

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Tell Your Story to Sell Your Story

I was introduced to this beautiful quote was last year by one of my coworkers at Web Marketing Therapy. She sent it to me to share on our Wild Web Women Facebook page. Her timing couldn’t have been better, as I needed wise words for a client who was at a professional fork in the road, I have…

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Avant Garde

I said yes when I really wanted to say no. I came up with excuses when it was time to go. I was not excited about stepping outside of my comfort zone. But, I did it. Not for myself, but for my daughter. I sucked it up and went to the gingerbread house decorating event. …

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Working Mommy Meltdown

It’s International Peace Day (every year on September 21st) and this morning I honored it by crying…in public…at my daughter’s school. Working mommy fail and meltdown. The day didn’t get off to a bad start, it was great in fact. It was a typical working mom morning, but better. I got up, got dressed, put dishes away,…

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Unplugged and Recharged

I just got back from a week-long trip to California with my family. My business and pleasure trip is summed up below PLUS my “ah-ha’s” from my time off. I cannot endorse unplugging to recharge enough! It is wonderful to be home, but wow, is it great (personally and professionally) to get away! My vocation…

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